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My very first post in December! Woohoo~! Many people love December, the holidays, Christmas and all the other fun. I personally LOVE December, cause I am a December girl, this is my month, and I have many friends that having their birthday in this month too. Which means.. PARTIES!! But wait, the real world says differently, for the 3rd grade student, December is the month that full of exams, try outs and practices. Come, on ): Anyways! New art, not really; I took a long time to finish this, I delayed it many times cause of school things D: here is it.

This sexy man Yes it’s Johnny Depp! WHo doesn’t like him :)

2B, 6B, A5 sketch book, edited on Photoshop Cs5 (oh yes, upgraded <3)

Here’s a little sneak peak on the process

Kay.. many tests waiting, I should rest. Good luck for you whoever that still struggling with their school! FIGHT~!