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Happy Easter to those who celebrate it, I don’t, and this day is actually my day off from school anyway so it doesn’t make a lot of difference for me ugh. So I decided to update my blog. As you can see now I have two section of blog, Sheridan blog and my usual blog, I put the Sheridan one separately so when I submit my link to them it’ll be easier to see.

Here’s a latest assignment/competition from school, done digitally on Photoshop. As you can see “Canada” is the theme.

And some pages from my sketchbook

The graffiti one was done by a friend of mine, it’s not finish yet, he owes me lol, j/k.

School is pretty chill right now, done my English and elective pretty much, huge difference haha.. Been jamming and skating too with friends since it’s getting warmer outside.. 0-10 ish degree lol.

Just a quick update, have a good weekend!