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Happy Halloween guys! Did you have parties? Scary outfits? Candies? Tricks? Festivals?

Oh well, hope you had fun, cause we don’t really celebrate Halloween here, only some people. Some of my friends held Halloween parties too. I’m just not really into it this year.

New sketch, a speed sketch, but I didn’t get it timed -.-…well.. I got distracted actually, I miscount. But it’s under 2.5 hours, so, speed sketch.

YES SLASH! A world guitarist <3 Dedicated to all my friend who is musician.

I made 2 version of it. Which one do you like better?

Pencil on A5 Sketch book, W&N

The original sketch should be, pencil on WHITE paper T_T I took photo of it, not scan.. sigh.

I’m out! Enjoy your week!