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Hi! Hi!
Here’s my latest work ๐Ÿ˜‰ like it?


Today’s topic, “Have You Forgot Something That Makes You Regret For at Least 3 Days?”

Well, it’s not like when you forgot to bring one of the subject book at school, or forgot to bring a cell phone, or something like that. It’s more like stupid mistakes you make, for example, you got to go to abroad, you rushed, and you forgot to bring your PLANE TICKET! Huh! That’s something you’d regret for days!

So, have you done something like that before? I’d love to hear some stories from you guys.

For my self… umm… I think I never did that, I’m more a-so-what-person ; p (not good)
I less care about something that I should care more, you know, like mobile, I don’t care if I forgot to bring one, lol.