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Happy New Year! How was 2012 treating you guys? I’ve been thinking and trying to recall what had happened  in 2012, here are what I can list til now.

– Got into animation;

– experienced first move out without parents, it was hell, and I think I still need to do it again in the future;

– unexpectedly I got along to almost all of my classmates, since I got into the best class ever, seriously;

– got my first job and still working for the same company through out the year;

– can maintain my grades while still having so much fun and parties aside, lol;

– made friends outside of school;

– my brother came to Canada;


– first tattoo.


I’m not going to list out details about everything but those points pretty much sums up my year. 2013 resolutions?

– Better grades;

– save more money;

– move out to Oakville;

– TRAVEL!! BC! BC! Hahaha..


aaanndddd, yeah, I can’t think of anything else at the moment lol, that means work 25803475 times harder, yes. And I hope I can focus more this year.

Well, last night I spent my new year with sis and bro, we went to see LIGHT’s free concert at the Town Square, never really listen to her, after last night I thought it’s not really my type of music, but she was an eye candy~ haha.. Here are some random pictures I took.



Last night was so cold..

Those are my bro and sis btw. Have a good one peeps!