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November’s up! I’ve been busy on school stuff and been working on my portfolio, this is an update from school woot! Anyway, yesterday and the day before there was a book sale here in my school, they’re were so many art books and stuff, it was pretty intense. I ended up spending my money on Michael Hampton’s book and 3 series of APLLE art book. They’re full of Korean artist’s illustrations, I recommend getting them if you’re collecting art books. Anyway, haven’t update the life drawing lately, this is the life drawing from week 8, which is, this week. Here’s it.

1 Minutes

1 and 2 minutes 

3 Minutes

5 Minutes

10 Minutes

I wanted to put my life sketches too but I left my other sketch book at school and my friend had it, so yea.. when the time I got to update about them, there’s gonna be a bunch.

Here are the photos I took from last week. I love Fall because red is everywhere! :)

Have a good weekend all!