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HAHAHA, finally, Oakville, always wanted to live here for the conveniency purposes during school year, haven’t really settle in completely because my room is being renovated and at the moment I’m using other empty rooms. But yeah, anyways, today was my first time commuting Oakville-Toronto for work purposes. I checked my bus and train schedule last night, my friend reminded me that we usually meet up at Toronto around 09.12, so I tried to look for the train that match the meetup time.

My schedule in Brampton was always wakes up around 6 am, breakfast, prepare to go to work and kill time by checking emails and Facebook if I have time, so that’s what I did too this morning.. and GUESS WHAT. It was a mistake taking the bus with the same hour as what I usually take, the trip I did was for 30 minutes trip while this one in Oakville I just need a 10 minutes trip, I took the early train, wasn’t realizing that it was early train and ended up arriving 1 hour too early…. I..don’t know… I told my friends and they just laughed at me.

Oh well, I went to Starbucks to get my caffeine shot coffee and I sketched outside, it was a bit chilly and no sun outside, SO NICE. And I’m not being sarcastic, I do like it alot. Here’s some sketches I did and got inspired  by my clumsiness, and train sketches too.

I just finished editing street photography I did in Mississauga rib fest last week, I’m gonna upload it this weekend probably, look forward to it!