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Ooooohhh.. my. I haven’t update in ages already D:
I’ll tell you why. It’s my computer ): yes, I always hate computer problems. It’s been repaired since 4 days ago, I cannot draw, and upload my photos because all my stuffs is in there. Geez..
I’m currently using my dad’s laptop, but I still checking on blogs I followed : )

Now let’s see.. school’s going so well so far.
Owh, I’m in science class right now. We have 2 class; social class, they study about history, geography, economy, etc. And science class which is more interesting things to study, we study math, biology, chemistry, physic .
Here in Indonesia, people can get work more easily if you graduate from science class, and also, you have to have good marks if you want to go to science class. Though, for me personally, if I go in to social class, it doesn’t mean the lesson become easy haha. They’re hard for me, I like science things more. <3
How’s your school? Is it divided into 2 class too?

Last Saturday I had a little concert at mall too, me and my music friends played Canon, and I played Greensleeves for duet. (I’m violin :))

And, last, I’m planning to make a scrapbook with my friends : )
I’ll let you now about that later x)

P.S. I’m currently drawing Bumblebee from Transformer, I’m in love with him <3 lol.
Wish me luck, it’s a huuugeee project! I hope I can finish it!