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It’s 12:15am and I’m still up, cause of YouTube >_> I still have school tomorrow.
I’ll be in hiatus for nest week, we got a mid semester exam which I really stressing about this past day. I’ll be trying all my best this time, try to stay away from YouTube and Korean dramas for a while, oh noes. Exaggeration. Ugh.
Man, time flew so fast, I can’t believe it’s only 4/5 more months to graduate 2nd grade. Sigh.. looking the 3rd graders nowadays are really saddens me, they’re all getting crazy by their final exams, poor them.
I haven’t draw anything lately, I’ll try to do something. I’m going to have a photo shot at 21st, oh, I’m the photographer I mean, my friend kinda ask me to do it. It’ll be hella fun, and I’ll post the photos of course.
Tomorrow’s a pack day for me anyway. I got a little violin performance at school with my friend; after that, I’m going to have a dance practice (hip hop); and…. an orchestra ;D
Yay! Oh, so you guys know, I used to be in a group of orchestra, but then I leave cause of my schedule blahblahyearight.. this one is different, they’ll pay us =] yay again! This year is definitely mineeeee lol.
The dance, yea I got a hip hop practice, I’m a newbie, never dance before, I just came like 4 times in the dance class. Last week they got a little project for a perform later months, and they held an audition, and yea I got in in the perform team XD
Anyway.. I just hoping the best for my exams, loads of uploads when I get back later! : ) Wish me luck!