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So, yesterday I helped one of my friend to take pictures downtown, later at night I attend one of my good friend birthday party, until I realized I missed my last bus to go back home, first time crashing in Toronto. Don’t worry I stayed over at friend’s not sleeping on the street.

It’s always fun to get to know new people especially ones from different school, in this case I met a lot of new people from OCAD and Sheridan..well, different programs for Sheridan I guess. So, last night we wen’t from one place to another until at one point we got to a bar, and I got myself a free beer….and not that someone paid it for me, I was in the restroom and once I got out I saw my friends were all going to leave so I leave with them, on the way back I asked them who paid for my beer since I was gonna pay them back but………….. no one did. HAHAHA facepalm, I didn’t even know what to feel, should I feel guilty about that or what??

Anyway, here’s some photos from yesterday.

That’s for now, gonna post my ugly paintings for the next post, look forward to it, or not.


P.S. Fuck, tomorrow’s Monday already and it’s consistently under 5 degrees in Canada now.