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Yepp, it’s the first day of holiday! Some people haven’t got their’s yet, but oh well, a little bit more! Sister just got a job, starts from today, as for me, still looking, it’s harder than I thought, sigh. I’m going to learn my Michael Hampton’s that has been lying around in the corner lately, finally I have the time. Going to do a bunch of digital arts too this summer so, look forward to it please.

A little speed paint. Reference is used on this, I find out that pictures on Tumblr are useful for references.

Aside from that, sis and I came up with random idea to change our diet into vegan, we have one cheat day per week for meat product, in case we’re hanging out with friends or something, it won’t be too troublesome for us to pick place to eat or whatever.

The weather’s screwed up lately, it’s now raining outside, good for drawing and mood, I like it like this.

Ooohh, I’ve been listening to Silent Hill’s soundtracks lately, I miss that game!