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What the hell?? It’s buildings, my teacher said just put grid lines, draw squares and drag it up, blocks! And put details, there’s your buildings! I always struggles making backgrounds and layouts since I never really used to draw my characters in an environment. This summer I had the chance to do some sketches for backgrounds, I liked it a lot, since then I tried to draw more of them, but seems I just don’t have lots of ideas of creating backgrounds.. sigh. But everything will build up slowly as you go, they said.. takes time, and practice.

Here’s the first assignment from layout class..

It’s a bac alley as you can see.. or can’t, and yea with Zero in it. He asked us to put out character in the environment we’re making, I hope he doesn’t mind I drew him THAT small, and I did curves perspective, or I might have to make a new one. Ugh, now that I post it here I just realize I haven’t fix some of the perspective issue =__= so annoying, I’ll fix it later. Here I tried to color it and make it a bit stylized..

Cough, cough, anyway.. here’s the life drawings from this week.

The life drawing portfolio due is coming in a couple more weeks, we have to submit two of 30’s, 1’s, 3’s, 5’s and any other 2 we like. I’m not even sure if I already have decent 30’s, my teacher likes it all lines and complete lines, and on the other hand I draw super short short hands, and skip some lines. You expect me to draw the whole figure in 30 seconds???? Lol. But I like it anyways. I’ll have to boost up the 30’s for next week. And..and… probably starts to draw faces.. at least in the 5’s.. man, can’t even draw a simple face in 5’s, or 3’s sometimes, I really need discipline.

I’ve been in bed from yesterday the whole day, literally, I got sick after play basketball at Friday, got a nonstop headache, mild fever, cough and cold… God, sounds like I can contaminate everyone whoever read this.. All I do all day is eating, sleeping and drawing.. wait, that doesn’t sounds different as my regular day actually. At least I’m doing job at home so it’s all good. I did 8 hours of character design and ended up with 40 characters in total, so happy! I can’t recall I did that much of designs back when I work at the office. The last 3 days though, I did 100 of characters for them, I just hope I don’t run out of ideas….

Happy Thanksgiving ya’all! Stay healthy and enjoy your turkey! I’m having chicken curry..cause I can!