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Yes, I hate them. Why? Cause in some condition, they broke, or corrupted.
I was drawing a new piece, an anime, with painting style. I’ve work it like already 10 days, and somehow I can’t open Psd file. I’ve search stuff from the internet, many people has the same problem. GAH.
Okay, let’s forget about it.
I drew this for refreshing.
G-Dragon caricature OH LOL!!
I’m not good at caricature, but I’m practicing! They’re so fun to draw :)
On Sai, edited in Photoshop Cs4

Here are some details, click to see the bigger file.
Kay, this one is a request from a guy on FB. A quick pencil sketch with heavy edit on Ps. The book lines, back shadows, colors, textures, all done in Ps.
By the way, German lost yesterday : (
Watching them play was emotional lol, still enjoy it though.