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with gouache.. nope, not really, I remember one of my painting got on the wall back in fundies though, I don’t even know what happened back then, sigh. I always treat it as I treat watercolors, gah, gouache is not fun at all..

Okay, here’s my first painting assignments which I ended up making two sets of it, first.

It was due yesterday, and I finished these on the weekend…until I got another idea on the night before it’s due, so I thought I might give it a shot doing another set. I wen’t straight home after class and start painting around 10 until 3am…. it’s worth it since I think it’s better, but I hope my teacher likes it..

Yesss, how slick and smart was I splattering all of those ‘snow’ so he won’t see the mistakes that easily.

And this one’s kinda practice..

For the next assignment we’re gonna have to  paint balls….balls…after animating hundreds pages of balls.. yup.



Is this a ball-ing year or what? ….get it??