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I lied. No, really, a little bit, maybe. Been tired everyday, working, playing, working, playing, hang out sometimes, work again, play some more.. it’s not as heavy as school, but its all make me miss school. And also, I can’t stand of the weather that keeps getting warmer and warmer everyday. My friend always ask me that how come I hate summer if I spent most of my life in Indonesia? Well, in Jakarta, all I did was pretty much school, study at home, and if I hang out, it’s mall, not outside, but if I play outside, it must be evening when the sun goes down.. yep, don’t worry, it’s normal back there. Now talking bout this makes me wanna visit home.

I’ve been going to extra life drawing too this summer every Tuesday, I posted my life drawings or ‘what I did instead of life drawing’ on my Instagram though, cause I’m just too lazy to take picture and edit them… well, I’ll do that tomorrow since I’m gonna have my session tomorrow.

Here’s a painting I did for this group me, and my friends at work made. We made a weekly drawing challenge group just to make us draw something every week basically. It’s me and one of my friend did a drawing for this week, but when they all posted all their drawings, I’ll be putting them up here too. So, yeah, this one is mine for this week, trying to get back to digital painting, again..

She’s going home with her flying eel, zero fuck was given that day..