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I’m just kidding guys! I went to the zoo a couple of days ago and watch Animal Planet shows a lot these days, that’s not gonna make me one right? Haha..


It’s been a long time since my last visit to the zoo here in Indonesia, the last one was like when I was in elementary school or what, pff! Not cool, not cool at all. There’s a pretty good zoo here called Safari Park, I and 4 of my friends went there, we were over excited just like little kids. There’s this part when we can see the animals from the car, so it felt like we were in Africa or something? Or, not. The animals were everywhere, the Lammas and Zebras get their heads into our car and, woohoo! Salivas everywhere lol.


They also have big waterfall, we had to walk a couple kilometers to get there.. and it’s uphill, we hike. And I got totally sick at the way home, fever, cold and cough. Until now, gah.


Now here’s the shots I took that day. This was all taken with Canon 500D, 55-250mm, handheld, edited with Photoshop CS5. Enjoy!


Warning! Huge gallery~ More comfortable seen on Flickr
Like the new gallery look? (:
[fgallery id=1 w=450 h=385 bg=ffffff t=0 title=”I\’m Becoming Animal Planet\’s Camera-man”]