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Finally got the chance to touch modeling in Maya, I always thought it was cool to be able to model, and it’s actually fun, and frustrating at the same time, I got the same feeling like when I play puzzle games or jigsaw puzzles, childhood.. sigh. Too bad I heard ZBrush isn’t in the curriculum, guess this is where free Lynda access from school get useful.

Here are some stuff that I modeled, toy truck and a toy boat, I’ll put the turntable video for demo reel, for now, rendered view is good enough.. lol (lazy).

HAHAHHAA sorry for the noob lightning, it looks really awkward with this lightning right now, they haven’t teach us about lightning, or I actually haven’t looked it up how to do a proper one lol OTL I’ll work on that, they’ll look a bit better on demo reel I swear.

Next post is coming up soon, more characters!