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Pretty sure people are starting to get busy again after school ends. Some I know already starting their job, why.. Some are taking a break, and some are in the job hunt. Industry day was a fun experience, it went better than I thought, met a lot of people from different kind of studios, they’re all nice, and getting feedbacks from them is never a bad thing. The over all vibe was really nice, everyone was just in a high spirit and happy faces everywhere, seeing how proud they are of their hard works over this four years makes me feel warm inside. I went around to take pictures of some of their happy faces, hoping I’ll get to see them again in the future. Even though I don’t talk to everyone in the year, I still hope everyone for the best in the own career and journeys in life.


These are some lovely faces. I’ll keep this short and sweet cause my eyes are getting sweaty..


A big congratulation for everyone ! :)