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I colored a doodle I made at class
Since I never talk about something in my blog, let’s pick a topic to talk about for every post I made from now.
So, today’s topic: ‘Language’
I’m sure everybody is interested in learning language.
At least all the people I know is.
What language do you like?
What language you always want to learn?
How many language can you speak?
I always have an interest in English, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Deutch, French.
I learn Chinese in my school, I know some easy words and how to read Chinese character a little. For Japanese, aah.. it’s an influence from watching anime habit. And Korean, I just love how it sound <3
I used to speak Deutch since I studied in German for a year. I miss everything there <3 I love the language very much, but I forgot most of it cause I never use it anymore here.
For now I’m focusing on my English. I’m planning to go study abroad for the future.
How bout you?