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Heya, it’s been so long since the last update, I had so many blog posts waiting that I forgot already now sigh. So I’ll just post the latest assignment we were doing, painting, master copy.

Before that, we have 2 weeks left before the break, this and next week is the last week. Means, CRUNCH TIME, no sleep in the dictionary pretty much, this week we have 6 things due and test and 2 more for next week. And they’re not the ones that you can finish in 3 hours. Yep. I know next year’s gonna be a bitch, I heard that the 2nd year even worse, double the amount of work! Yeee! I just wish I can move in to Oakville smoothly next year so I can work 24/7 woot!

Anyway, I’m back to my work again after a couple of week not doing it since the business here that I have and there in the studio, meh. Time to make money since the break is close. Planning to boost up my hours, get back to work out, play basket, pick up guitar again, photoshoot, and planning to go to a friend’s concert. I hope all can be done in.. 3 weeks? Hahaha.. even my break doesn’t really get more relaxing than usual day..

Here are the painting I did, based on Tekkon Kinkreet background, it was one of the concept for the background.



I don’t really care for the grade on this one since I had so much fun doing it and I did it from the bottom of my heart..



Gonna update on life drawing real soon!