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Been so lazy to post blog lately, I blame the holiday mood. It’s been a week since school’s off and I literally spent most of my days in bed, browsing, playing, eating, went to gym a couple of times and drawing but.. woaah, this mood is just hard to resist to not doing anything man.

Tomorrow will be the first day back to work again, commuting here we go, sigh, kinda excited about that since I’d be out most of the day and do something, finally. Anyway, here are some of the leftovers from last life drawing portfolios that didn’t make the cut, or did it, maybe some, I don’t even know anymore. Either way, enjoy. Oh yeah, me, sis and bro went to Niagara falls the other day from the International student thingy from school, I’ll post some pictures on the next post.

30 seconds

1 minutes

2 minutes

3 minutes

10 minutes

some costumes..

and caricatures..


Last thing, I mentioned about I’m gonna do shout outs on last post, now this is it. First, to Luke Smith, congratulation on finally graduating, he’s a fellow artists just graduated this year from Sheridan. I and Jean sold ourselves to help on his thesis film simply because he has similar style to Tekkon Kinkreet, which you guys probably already know that it’s my fetish. And it turned out that Jean and Luke also have the same fetish interest!

Check the film out! I didn’t just had fun with it but I learned a LOT about technical stuff and program wise. Thank you!