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IT’S FRIDAY! FRIDAY! EVERYBODY LOVES FRIDAY! Hel yeaaa! No school, more time to sleep and  blog! I and sis just got back from a Japanese, Korean and Chinese food buffet, woot! We had like three stage ordering, the dudes that sat next to us were giving a what-the-hell-look from their tables cause we literally ate three times more than them lol. And know we’ll skip dinner for sure…..gosh.

College starts a little more busy; I met a couple of people from animation program, they saw my sketchbooks, gave me critiques and comments, I’m sooo happy! I got more fired up knowing more about the program, and hear their stories how they can get into the program and stuff. Here are the life drawings I attended this week, four days. Some of them I didn’t include, they were sooo many drawings =_=;



Click the image to see the full size.

Some of them are done with pencil and some with conte. Each were 1 minute – 10 minutes pose. I just had my first male model yesterday, it was pretty frustrating drawing male body couse of the muscles, they’re more complicated for me. I always had fun though in this class.

Now, the fun illustration!

“A Simple Love Shout Out”

Drawn with Sharpie Marker, colored in Photoshop Cs5.

If you guys a friend in Facebook or a follower in Twitter, you’ll probably know that I use this drawing for a Tee design on Threadless. Ye yeaaa.. I’m back Threadless! If you have an account there, go and rate! Go! Go! Go!

Love Shoutout - Threadless T-shirts, Nude No More

I actually use the real piece for my map back-cover lol. And this is the front-cover of it.


“Bakka Blast!”


I haven’t coloured this one yet, I will though. And the last one, was a request from my sis.

“Monkey Business”

Once I asked her to count the monkeys, she said there’re 69 of them. I didn’t manage it to be 69, and I myself haven’t count it. Hahaha! I’ll coloured this one too later!

I’m currently planning for a collaboration with friends, there’re two of collabs which I planned, but school. I don’t know, we’ll work on it realllyyyy slooowww maybe. *shrug*

A little monster I drew.

Failed on feet =__=; darn.