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I hope you all got a good weekend so far, I caught up all my missing hours for sleeps and doing my assignments and study for exam, sobs. So, it’s already week 5 for school, time goes really fast, as I know we’re gonna go to Winter Royal Fair this week, or maybe next week? Not even sure, but anyhow I’m super excited for that. We get to go to this Fair where there will be a lot of farm animals and we have to draw them….for assignments. I went last year too, you can check the post here.

I’ve been studying little by little for life drawing, still having trouble with finishing 30 seconds and a minute gestures, we have to learn how to draw bones and the names too, there’ll be the test eventually, I don’t mind but, it’s so difficult to find the time -_-.. and it’ll be more difficult starting on next week since I’m back to work for the previous company I work to, LittleGuysGame, it’ll be a part time from home though, which is more convenient, but I hope everything goes well. Here are some of my life drawings from this week.

Oh my, I made his head a bit too big –; And I practiced a bit of caricature, they’re fun, and difficult.. psssh, what’s easy, rollseyes.

And last of my own, I redid my character, it wasn’t a final anyways, this one is properly aligned for rotation and all.. so yeah. Oh, I gave him a name too, Zero 😉

Yeah, that’s what I did in life drawing session whenever I’m bored, drawing other people or my character or just random stuff..

And this is the part where I stop posting my junks, FEATURE TIME~!

One of my discovery of a real badass drawing skills, another loud, outgoing first year and a also a friend of mine, Roosh. I fell for his art ever since the  first time I see his sketchbook, the art style’s perfectly what I dig so at one point I asked him to draw my characters with his style, and he mix it with Tekkon Kinkreet’s since I told him I like Tekkon Kinkreet.

It’s Zero ( I LOVE that face TTwTT)! By Roosh

Rei, the character I used for my portfolio. By Roosh

And the baws from all, Bakkanekko, my mascot. And notice he put a little weenie for him ;w; I don’t know what to say.. by Roosh

He drew Bakkanekko fights his character, Imp. It’s funny how we notice they both look like come from the same world, how they both animals, badass animals, and have earrings on the left ear.. haha, super cool. By Roosh

I wasn’t actually gonna put these up since I don’t have anything to link back, he’s too lazy to make his own blog, I kept bugging him to make one but it didn’t work, but I got his permission to put these up so it’s all good. I’ll totally link it back to him in the future if he make a blog or some sort.

Anyways, I’ll be visiting Toronto for the Royal Winter Fair this week, and another day for an International Student Festival, not sure what’s gonna be there but I’ll see, I might take some pictures for the next post, if I’m not lazy……… have a good one peeps!