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Aaah! I just browsed my photos and I remember I haven’t upload my light graffitis…
So, this is fun to do, I’ll tell you how.

What you need :
-a table/tripod/any flat surface;
-a camera with manual settings;
-a color lamp/glow sticks/LED lights/flash lights, etc.

Put your camera settings in manual mode, set the shutter speed to a lower settings (I use 30 seconds or more), put it on a tripod/table. Take the picture, run as fast as you can and start drawing/writing on air. And of course, the longer the camera takes to take the picture, the more time you have to write and draw. Don’t forget to move around while doing it, so the camera won’t capture your  image.

Here’s what I, my brother and his friend did~ :)

Your turn! 😀