Posted by on May 29, 2009 in art | 7 comments

I just realized I have a clover in my garden~

I sometimes wonder why it’s must be 4-leave-clover that will gives us luck. I know it’s because the rareness, but there are so many things in this world that can be more rare, like mummy? lol, joking, you won’t keep a mummy as keychain or something you put in your house haha. It won’t give any luck xD

So, I have finished my final exams, I know a few of my scores, I got bad on math..again and again T.T

Anyway, it’s holiday now (almost) and we’re gonna move to another house : D YAY!
It’s more bigger, and nicer. I love it. Yesterday my mom asked her friend which is an interior designer to design the house, okay xD I love her work, looks sooooo fun. She also joke, asked me if I wantet to work with her ahah.. I hope she serious for that : P hehe~
I think I will take an interior design as a subject for later, when I’m in college already <3

What do you guys have for your college?
And please tell me about it~ : D