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How’s it going peeps. Although it’s just been one week of break that has passed, I feel it’s going soooooo slow. I just never will used to get not busy. Good thing new problems and business are starting come one of another, in a good way.

Today was pretty exciting and energetic day for me. It’s all starts from when I got up and see an email from a job that I applied, I jumped and replied their email right away. I was planning to go to school after to see the Sheridan’s Art and Craft Open House, apparently I have some of my stuff up so might as well, and I was gonna meet friends anyway. In the middle of changing the guy from the job offer called me and I’m having my interview on Monday!

Literally it was like this, I hope he’s not seeing this or the interview’s gonna be awkward. ANYWAY, the open house was pretty cool, animation peeps were doing $5 life caricature, me and a friend came at the end and troll, she tried to draw me and I got the change to draw her. I didn’t take a picture of mine but here what she drew for me.

BBAHAHHAHA Me as a man, THANK YOU, this picture makes me laugh every time I see it lol. Here is her blog, Carol Tang. She’s going to the second year this fall and I’ve been hanging out with her lately, and she plays basketball too aslkdfjhskfjhsf I thought I won’t find a girl friend that plays basket. Finally.

And this one is another caricature of me that one of my friend did as well. Jenny, check her blog out.

This one is the cute version of me hahhaha, thanks!

So, as for my stuff, I just got my paintings back and realize I don’t put that much of my paintings here, so here is it.

20 minutes speed painting practice. I LOVE speed painting, this was done at the beginning of the second term.

Not sure how long was the pose, middle of second term.

And this was the two last painting class assignment, six hours, and this might be the painting that I satisfy the most compare to my other painting assignments.

A different thing I did was a sculpture for my 3D class. It was my first time sculpting, I should’ve done something a bit surrealism or creepy instead doing my character..

I swear she’s not high lol, her eyes looks awkward but…ehh..

I made this from the leftover clay..

It’s my chibi batman ; v ;

The following weeks gonna back to my new and fun business again, commissions, basket, online comic and job, I hope.