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BBAAACCCCKKK AGAAIINNN! Haha~ Finally, some time with my blog, and updating.

Canon D500, iMovie

With my new little project, Milk Project, now that’s a creative name. So, I was stumbling through the net, and a video pops, about how to make this milk project, I thought I’ll give it a try, and here is it!

Things that you will need to make this are, plate, milk, food coloring and dish soap.

So basically you just need to pour your milk to a plate, drop some food coloring, and drop your dish soap on top of it. Easy as pie :)

Many things happened in this short time while I’m not here. I was busy with my school, exam week. There’ll be another one next week, it’s pretty intense I know. My friends and I are  all a little stressed out here. But I hope everything goes well, we only have 17 active school days left, after that we are all going to face the National exam, which is the final test that tell us that we’re all going to make it or not to the graduation. GAH!! For those out there who are in the same position, good luck!

Last, here are some photos of the Milk Project. Enjoy!