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Monster attack! I’m so into monsters these days, I love drawing illustrations, the weird and fun characters give you a happy feeling when you draw. It’s more fun then drawing portraits and manga for me.

I have more or less twenties active days more in school. Almost final state exam! I’m in the practical exam right now, everybody in class cannot wait until graduation, so do I.

Nothing interesting going on these days, because I just stay at school or having a course or just stay at home, doing homeworks and studying…not really.

Bacteria, Tools: 2b,6b, Photoshop Cs5

Ciliata, Tools: 2b,6b, Photoshop Cs5

The Nudist, Tools: 2b, Photoshop Cs5

Yes, that’s a naked turtle, this drawing is a request from a friend of mine. We were debating about the turtle, how the feel, what’s inside their shelter hahah.. how they reproduce, where their genitals are…, I know, but for real, I was not sure until I googled it myself, and I was shocked to see how it is.. *shrug* Curiosity leads to a new information.

I’ll see you guys on the next post!