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First thing first, pat on my back for the second time blogging in the same week. And actually going to post something informative for some of you guys, hopefully.

So, for who those who don’t know, I’m graduating from Sheridan Animation end of this April. The fourth year students will be having an industry day next week, it’s a day where the people from the industry come to take a look at our film and works and probably can give some students an interview the next day. It’s a pretty significant day since not a lot of schools have the opportunity, though it’s an ‘official’ start to the job hunt.

One of the thing that required for us to do is make a new business card, that is reflects the film you’re making so people can remember what you do. I was one of the people that order the cards a bit later (oh, we all do). I was debating if I should order from, it is a popular site for business card for what I know, they make a very, very, very, nice high quality cards. I didn’t think it was worth it since I was designing this particular one just for the industry day, where I had to design it based on my film, plus it is really expensive, so I thought, fuck it. I would do it in the future for sure for more general business card. Though, they have this little samples that they send out for free, so I tried…

LOOK HOW CUTE THEY ARE!!! Seriously, the colors, the papers, they’re all sturdy cards, gloss, matte, thin, thick… Just touching them already makes me very happy. For those who haven’t got their own business card, I really recommend it. Not for the industry day, but for general use, for sure. But then again, I haven’t looked up too many places that print business cards, if anyone know good place, please share it! :)

A friend of mine recommended me vistaprint for my card, they look good for the money so I did. Here’s my new cards. I’m pretty sure I ordered a bit too much. Probably going to make it rain at the end of the industry day.


P.S. For those who come by here and there to my site probably realized the difference of the layout. I am currently working on changing stuff a little, if you catch any dead links or any bugs please let me know :)