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Hi folks!
Miss me? :3
I’m so busy lately, doingblablablathing you know, but I’ve made some art too

Yeah.. new OC <3>

She’s one of my friend at school, Rostin, lol
I was trying to draw portrait with watercolor~ well, at least it didn’t came out as bad as I was though. . . .

This is a collab wth my friend at school, Melyssa, she did the body, and I did the outfit and coloring, WITH COPOCS 8DDDDD
well, it was her’s BUT IT’S FUN TO COLOR WITH IT 8DDD
I’M GONNA BUY IT SOON WHEN I GOT ENOUGH MONEY, I want the 72 colors nyahahah~
I’m currently making money and searching them on ebay..~

And… a commission for someone in dA
o 3o