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Not the blog, it’s literally me moving out from my current house.. well us, with my sister. My brother is coming this August, 2 weeks left before he comes, so excited! And one of my friend’s also coming to Canada to study too whee! Okay I’m trying to not getting too excited first here haha, I’ve been super busy hence the minimal update of this blog but if you see on the side bar I put another link to my other blog, it’s a food blog called It’s mine and my sister’s but mostly me who manage the blog itself. It’s weird how I always told my mom that I hate cooking and kitchen work, now I mean HATE hate. Yes that much. But now I’m taking my words back, I could find myself drowning in food blogs and websites for hours and hours it’s crazy and I feel guilty for doing that somehow… sigh. But oh well, at least I can cook now, not as good nor fancy as you thought but at least enough to keep me alive lol.

Work is pretty fun, we’re all in crunching time for deadlines everything is crazy, but I’m currently taking a couple day of cause of the moving. Bye bye Mississauga, hello Brampton…. *wipetears*

This is my first time checking and updating this blog since a couple of week ago or three, I realize the blog page messed up again which I don’t even know how, okay, this blog thing is always makes me frustrate :'( really. I’ll see what I can do, and I still haven’t fix the RSS too, I don’t know how… sigh.

No art for now still, I always leave my tablet at work cause it’s such a hassle to bring it home every day or week, and the starts to rain a lot here, which I like it. Anyway, while I’m trying to fix this mess, (ughhh) this is my and sis’ attempt to do a lip sync video again. Enjoy!