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Spring is here, and I never like the sun that much, sob. The school’s almost over, just a month left, we’re all already in our second from last or even last projects on each subject. Yay! I’ve been busy with *coughcough9Gagcoughcough*, assignments, watching short animations and I’m helping a 4th year animation student for their last film, I help them on the coloring. Still excited waiting the portfolios result too, some people might get their result around this week since it’s the end of March. I’m going to upload my portfolios as soon as I get the result.

Aside from that, here’s my new character, Rei, that I used for my animation portfolio. I really enjoy drawing her, I think it’s good to fall in love with your own character haha..

Steampunk for the win! I was trying to find a coloring style that match her.

Here’s a quick random animation I made yesterday, I was feeling guilty spending my day sleeping and laying on bed all the time, so yea..

Yeah that’s bakkanekko haha, so random sigh.

I still have many drawings that I want to upload, but I think I’ll save that for later posts, since I lost my usb and makes me too lazyyy arghh..

Anyways, I’ve been watching a lot of short animations and animation tutorials lately, makes me want to animate really bad lol. Here’s some video that I really really like, the style, characters, animation, storyline. Just, pure, craziness.

Mac ‘n Cheese


The External World


Truckers Delight


Topo Glassato Al Cioccolato


Mighty Antlers


Awwhhh yeaaa… enjoy!