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Woah, I’ve been missing from blog for about 2 weeks or something already haha..
Well, well, many things I should do here. Many big things happened.

Right, for now, no arts, I have few, haven’t upload them yet, but I’ll tell you why.

I just moved to new house :) not so far from the old one though. But the new one is bigger, and more hotter here : P we always go the sunshine, man hahaa. Last Saturday we moved the big things, like cupboard, buffet, ya know. It was really tiring pheew. Things are going back to normal slowly :) we bought new things for here and there. Sofa, new LCD TV, study desks, and for the next, we’ll buy new desktop (OH YAYS!), my dad wanted to buy an XBOX 360 to, this one is shocking cause nobody really ask for it xD but *shrug* why not eyh?

And I ask for an iPod as well, yeaaa.. I never had an Mp3 player before so, my dad willing to buy it for me, the touch one *A* also a new violin. But just let see.

Here, I just get the internet connection yesterday, so the PC haven’t been on yet, I’m still with my dad’s laptop, that’s why I cannot upload my art stuff for a moment, I’ll ask my dad to fix the PC this night.

Our dog also got the fun, he can ruuuuunnnnnn around the house, and IN the house =.=; he’s getting crazy when we put him in the house, run all over the house and sofa GAH! I can’t imagine when he grows later, he’ll become so BIG and HEAVY (he’s a pitbull). But he likes it here, many neighbors that have dogs, so damn noisy.

So, some holiday eyh. My holiday is almost over, we have one week left. Argh.. sucks.
How’s yours?