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I’m back, I haven’t been sleeping well lately, so much things going on in my head. I’ve been busy working lately, other than that, I’m doing a freelance photography right now, so every weekend or so I’d get to take pictures for people or events, which is pretty refreshing for me since I’d got money from it it’s been a while not taking pictures. Anyway, there’s really nothing much beside that except new art and sketches.

Here’s one.

If you’re curious bout the size, it’s double tabloid size, maybe I cropped it a bit not sure haha, here’s a closer look.

And currently working on two more pieces but haven’t got that much time really, but a little bit of the progress, here is it.

I’m trying something new, new technique to color it. This piece is also doubled tabloid size, and I actually make the size twice larger for tracing the line art, such a pain, my laptop’s chocking so bad.

I really wish I can finish this, not that I can, what I mean is having the patience to finish it lol.

It’s gonna be fun, I hope. I’m not uploading the other one since I haven’t touch it since I finished. So, I’ll just get back to it whenever I feel to. First thing first.

Allright, just that for now. I think I’m gonna have a good night sleep tonight, my eyelids are dead heavy right now.

Oh, one last thing, promoting one of my favourite artist at school, she just graduated from animation program in Sheridan, 2012. A really nice girl with awesome talent, this final film of her just got to the first page of Reddit and was shown on TAAFI, animation festival in Toronto.

Nuff words, enjoy.

Night Light from Qing Han on Vimeo.

I have more that are in my fave list as for the final film that the graduate made this year, but I haven’t seen them uploaded yet, I’ll feature the others later on next posts.