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One week left before school starts, excited? Very. It’s been a long time since having a super long holiday like this, summer holiday, since back home we never had one cause it’s always summer technically. The longest holiday we could get was 2 weeks, 3 weeks max. I’m pretty sure I can enjoy this summer holiday because I have work, something to do which keeping me as busy as school days, which I prefer. I’m not the kind of person that be able to sit around and just lazing all week, that will bored me to death.

Work had been fun, most of the time. I had bbq dinner party last week with the people in the office, it’s very rare to do that since everyone’s super busy lately, glad it happened before I finish my job there (though I might get a part time job there later on, but I’ll keep this one for a moment).

If there’s anything new after I moved to my new place now will be my brother. He just got here to Canada a week ago and we and sister went to Montreal for vacation 2 days after he got here. What a tiring and fun trip for him for sure! We visited one of our family’s best friend, it was super nice having the chance to meet them again, a year can be a long time to wait. I’ll post more of this later on the next post, photos and stories.

I haven’t been drawing any sketches or pieces outside work too really, I spent 8 hours more or less at work drawing so spending more time to draw outside work is difficult. I’d need an extra 5 hours in a day haha, but I’m picking up books to read again lately. I almost forgot how addicting and exciting when you realize you’re jumping into the book so deep you barely notice things around you. I’m starting on Lost Symbols by Dan Brown, my instant favourite author from the first I read one of his series, Da Vinci Code; such an intriguing and cool story, I might read it again one day.

Anyway about sketches, this is the one that I did in my spare time at work months ago…. yea, months ago, it’s a practice from photos I found on Pinterest.

It was drawn when they gave me the chance to do backgrounds concept.. I have never ever did backgrounds off head before, usually I do it with reference and stuff, I don’t even draw them much, never like it before. But same as vectors which I learn when I got my job here, I started to learn and liking it naturally. Just as one says, people afraid what they do not know. As soon as you try and learn it, it’ll grow bit by bit. Still have no time to practice more though, eventually I will.

School orientation is the next one that I’m looking forward to, it’s next week, I hope I can meet my friends and new faces before the school started. Will update more later, ta-ta for now!