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ORIENTATIONNN!!!! Finally the day’s up, well, I just got home actually. It started at 8 this morning, and I got home at 16, good God. At the evening all the art student were gathered in the gym, there were like, almost two until three thousand people I guess. And all of them are art students ggaahhhh!!! I was so excited! I met a couple of Indonesian student too there. We also had a kinda-like-motivational-lecture at the evening, about how to be a successful student of artlalala yea, it was awesome.

At the end of the sessions, the art fundies get a SUPER HUGE size black bag and a bigger one.

(click for the huge size)

Those are all what’s in the bag. I weighted it, it’s around 19 lbs. or you can say.. almost 10 kilos =____= Yeah, I carried it around the campus, and on the way home, almost 1 km or more maybe. After I got home my hands were all shaking and I just realized I starved hahhaa.. I went to my room with my late lunch and start unpacking the bag………..DAMN I suddenly forgot my food, start to taking photos and exploring the things.

Seemed like all of the art stuff I used to wanted when I go to the art store, now I got it for free (not really, I paid my course). It felt like all of my 19 birthdays combined to one day, and all the presents are all combined *_*

Ohhh happy dayyy….. I’m so happy right now I feel like jumping around swearing and rolling on the floor. Can’t wait for the real class!!

Gotta go now! *rolls on the floor*