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Back back, looks like I’ve lost some of my readers ;__;
no problem.
This year is party year for me.
Why? Because most of my friends turn 17 this year, and bunch of invitation come. No big parties like what you think, these party is more formal and casual, no alcohol, smokes, pubs, they’re more like family gathering, having dinner together. Yesterday was the 3rd invitation I got in this month.
And also my lucky day 😉
This girl, who just turned 17 asked me to be her photographer in her party, and I said, sure, I’ll help her, beside, I always bring my camera everywhere *shrugs*.
Okay, it was pretty fun, many people I didn’t know though. At the end of the party, I was going outside, and I was telling her mom goodbye, and she shake my hand, I was like, uh? *She gave me something in my hand when I shake her hand* (money). I was surprised, and happy, cause it doesn’t crossed my mind to be paid.
Hahha..~ well well, that was a good experience ;DD lol.
Here’s some photos from this party month.
I’m looking forward for more party :3
How are you guys?