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Owwh yeaa.. time to spam :) I spent my 2 hours just for editing these photos, and now you have to look at them at least! >:D

Here’s photo at harbor and road, when we was having a trip.

:) How do you think?
The Skies was snapshots, yeah, some of them I took from the car lol.
The BEEF-PET, xD awh, isn’t he cute?? He’s my dog, he’s a rednose pitbull.
The Macros, just like usual, I found them around the house ha-ha, so many cool things around my garden y’know, although it’s small, but produce great things to shots. I like the last shot, the fly. It’s kinda funny how I took the shot. I was accidentally saw it, I thing it was big so it’s easy to capture it, so I did, I slowly move my lens infront of it, but it didn’t move at all. LOL! Flies are narcissist guys! xD

I really want to buy an SLR, it ain’t cool to bring PowerShots around like this D8 but they’re too expensive for me DX gosh!

If you have cool macro bugs shots tell me kay! : D