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Just a few days more to the 27th, which is my due date for Sheridan’s Animation and Photography portfolio and Illustration on the 3rd of March for me. Everyone’s working hard for their portfolio, they work on it, talk about it, some seniors help us out too, giving feedbacks and tips. February goes so fast all of the sudden. I’m almost done with mine, I don’t know why at the same time feels like getting lazier to do them, it’s sucks, good thing I already started developing it from the first term so, just need to finalized all of the works.

I met people who plays music/esp. guitar too lately cause me and a friend, we jammed around the school, it was pretty fun. And guess what did I just got?

 Yeyeeaaaa, just got this baby earlier this day haha, I always want to learn how to skate, this is the timeeee! Hah! I’ve tried skating before with long board and skateboard, I forgot how it feels like until my friend asked me to skate with her longboard. I just hope I don’t broke anything, my hand especially..

Some pages from my sketchbook now. I’ve been practicing my writings mff~ it’s been a while since I really focusing on it. I always write and tag on stuff, but rarely takes time to sit and write.. Now I just got myself a new big marker..time to test it out, out there. 😉

She’s one of my friend from a different program. We always met on the bus one the way back from school, I always see her when she’s dead tired from school. Yep. Til yesterday we met and she asked me to draw her on the bus.

Here are works from school. Using charcoal on newprint pad. It’s fun I must say, but I’m liking my painting class more lately.


Will update more after the portfolio, have a good weekend!