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Hello hello!

I wanted to post this last night, but, I clicked the refresh button and guess what, the post’s gone. – -;

How’s your holiday so far? Mine’s pretty boring, I still have to go to school once a time to practice for  my graduation-kinda-show. The first and the second year students are having their exams, good luck for that! I’m also having a little project for YearBook photos, I make my house like a studio and having my friends to come over to take a few shots for their photos on YearBook. If you’re my friend on FaceBook, you know what I’m talking about. Something that comes out like….

..this. I have one that’s under my name, not Bakkanekko lol!


So many of my friends can’t wait for college, like me. I felt like this once before at the first time I went to High School. GAH! Everybody feels a little bit insecure about the major they’re taking. So do I, so I spend a lot of time doodling and practicing my anatomy and point of view drawings.

Maybe some of you heard about Posemaniacs. These drawings were drawn under 30 seconds….EACH! Drawn on a3s.

Eww hahaha, I’m not that good yet, I will. And one night I have the urge (?) to practice animals drawing. Since I never draw them before – -;

A3 sketches. About, 45 minutes.