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Last day of first half of the second term! Reading week is coming up! Everybody at school were all super tired, a lot of people pulled all nighters for their last projects this half term, I finished a little bit earlier, but still feels like zombie all day today. We all went home earlier just to sleep and just take a rest, never felt so tired before in my life haha -_-;

Ok, well, today I just had a life drawing portfolio day, it’s been a while since I post my life drawings since I don’t go as much as I used to, I usually just do work and assignments after classes.. so, here are some of the life drawing from this term..

30 seconds..


1 minutes..


3 minutes..


5 minutes..


3 figures practices

these 2 drawings were drawn 5 minutes per figure. We had to draw a model into 2 opposites gender and change them into muscular, fat and skinny model. I got a fit male model so yeah~


And apparently the next class would be caricature class and I got a legendary teacher lol, can’t wait!