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If you tried  to look  for my site earlier this week it won’t showed up cause it’s been hacked, I have no idea why this site is hacked all the time really. My dad fixed it for me and yay! It’s clean and fresh now! Big thanks for him! Now I can post my delayed posts and stuff.

So yeah, college starts already, they already gave us assignments and stuff but it was all fun I think haha! Next week all stating to get normal, schedule and things. Yep. So, I have a few things here let’s see…


First, a big shout out for my dad’s website called 1Dunia

It’s all about random stuff from humor, technology, art, health and many more. Check it out you’ll see what I mean.


And another shout out for another blog, ZZfood, it’s my and my sister’s blog, about food and eatable stuff haha.. full of photos! Go go go!




That’s all bout the shout out. Here are more photos from a couple of days ago, my sis and I decided to explore around the place where I live. We almost get lost, we walked almost 1.5 hours hahahah! We had fun though.

That’s my sister right there hahha~


And one more thing, Bobby Chiu the illustrator God is visiting my college on Tuesday!!!! If you don;t know who he is, Google him!! xDD I can’t wait!

Have a good weekend all!