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Yup yup, another request from my friends.

The first one is Evita Nuh, I’m sure this name’s familiar to you, she’s an 11 years old inspiring fashion blogger. At the first time I found her blog, I couldn’t believe it that she was 10 years old, last year yea. Her writing skill blows my mind. It’s obvious that if you see her blog, she really dig what she loves, fashion, photography, fashion, drawing, fashion, oho~ now now, this is one of a good example. Check her blog here. Oh, did I mention she’s Indonesian :3 We don’t speak much, but I really hope we can be friends :))


Next, Henry, is one of my dA friend. First, let me show you his arts.
He’s an art student here. He gave me a lot of drawing tips and even he taught me a few of what he got from his lecture 😀 haa~! We chat and share a couple of likeness, arts (duh!), games and music. He’s really a cool guy to chat with.


I have so many inspiring people around me, I hope I can feature them more next time.


Thank you for those who supporting me all this time, here on blog, deviantArt, or even facebook, through your comments, thumbs, fave whatever. It gives strength and believe that I should post, draw and loving more what I do here. I’m sure all people feel the same if people around him/her are always supporting. So, support more, give people hope and the happy feelings <3