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Because I have a painting assignment to do, not that I’m not enjoying it but carrying the painting stuff and painting it at home is painful. The atmosphere’s so different and so many distraction –; hahhaa.. yea, what an excuse eyh. So yea, the assignment asked us to do an achromatic painting, or you can say, black and white? I decided to paint my shoes (which is a big mistake, cause as you know shoes have laces and.. four shoes? Not a good idea).

After I realized that, I decided to stop. I make the picture small enough so you can’t see the frustrating spoottssss hahaha!!

Anyway, this week life drawing! Here’s it.

3 minutes

5 minutes

5 minutes

10 minutes

No big difference from the 3 and 10 I know —

Reading week is next week, and I have many plans for spending it I can’t wait. I’ll be taking pictures more this month too so, look forward to it guys!