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Such a lazy weekend this 2 days. I feel sleepy all day today and here I am forcing myself to blog, I feel very very responsible for my blog now, ahaha yea shot me. Not much going on in this week, the only one is probably Royal Winter Fair that was held at 4-13 of November. I didn’t know much about the fair at first, but a friend ask me to join her to sketch animal, which I also needed for practicing for my portfolio. So then I went. There were so many students from Sheridan sketching here and there, people kept looking at us, the children asking what were we doing and for what. It was fun, they have many farm animals…and lammas! I posted the photos on my Facebook though, I don’t want to spam them here.

Aside of that, I finally manage to scan my other sketchbook and edit them all to make collage.


Some of them are drawn on buses, some from my school and random places, I tried to sketch every time I got the time. I tried different tools to here, ballpoint and brush pen. Not gonna lie, brush pen is so much fun to use.


This is also from my small sketchbook. I didn’t realize how much I enjoy drawing environment around us, the layers of fore, middle and back ground, the tiny bits of details, perspectives and all those stuff, it is pretty fun. I’d go to a top of a building just to sketch the entire town, one day.


This isn’t all from all the animal drawing I’ve drawn, I just took a few worth to look at. These all are from life, zoo and the Royal Winter Fair. I still have a difficult time getting used to draw with “under-structure” thing that animation kids told me to do, I think I’m going to the zoo again this week to try it.

And…. last, from the life drawing this week (week 9 of school), it’s not that much, but I got some at least for portfolio consideration haha..

1 minute



5 minutes

Then I got bored of it, I drew the people in the studio instead.


Hope you guys enjoy the rest of your weekend!