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I remember it wasn’t that long time ago since I posted the Royal Winter Fair 2011, time flies so fast. So, yesterday we spend the whole day drawing and sketching farm animals and filling our lungs with farmy scents and all, I can’t even tell if it smells bad or not if I’m going back, getting used to it now. I woke up with sore left hand cause of holding sketchbook too long and both my shoulder got worn out lol, backpack TT_TT I brought too man sketchbook planning to use different medias but ended up using only one of them, brown paper, sigh.

Anyway, I personally enjoy the trip since I love animals and I don’t get to see and pet them everyday it was pretty excited, and also I got another experience for this year. I was by myself most of the time yesterday, I walked all around the sheep stalls and I reached the end of it, it was the place where the sheep owners sheer their goaties, it was pretty sad looking them having their head stucked to the machine so they can’t move, they all screaming all the time. Good for sketching though, and so this big guy, he’s one of the sheep owner saw me starting to sketch his sheep, he called me over. He told me to sit down while sketching, I thought it was really nice of him so I did. He told me to sketch his sheep for him, if he likes it he’s going to buy it from me, even nicer. Of course I pick money over handing it for assignment, pssh. After a while he came back and see the drawing I did, he liked it and gave me 20 bucks, lunch money, score. I was so excited, not for the money itself but how someone approach me to do a commission in public place like that.

So at the end of the day I managed to fulfill all the requirement for the animal drawing portfolio I was so glad. I remember back then going there for the first time trying to draw animals I didn’t know what the hell did I do haha.. this time my life drawing teacher helped a lot, cause at the beginning of the day since we got there, I met him and he saw me doing study drawings, he told me to do more gestures, I didn’t like it cause I didn’t have any preference on how to do animal gestures at first, but then he showed me the animal gestures from the previous years, it was Nicholas Hong’s who’s actually in his 4th year now, he’s one of my friend that helped me on my portfolio last year. And yeah, I always dig his style of art and after I saw his animal gestures, something clicked in my mind, now THAT style I like. So I tried to do it and now I like drawing gestures more. I even able to draw the gestures without any preference…yea, I can draw lamas in their mate season and all.. guess that’s one of the

Ugh, having too much fun with the gestures made me loosing my patience doing all the studies drawing, I should’ve gone further than these, I might retouch some of them later, last year what I did was all study drawings, illustrate alll those furrssss haha..

Til next post! Still have to come up with clever cover page, or not.