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It was a week ago, a friend told me about the parade and I just go right away at the next day. Photo hunting! There were so many people down the road, around a thousand maybe? Seriously, packed. But it was really fun. Families, kids, pets, clowns, all were gathered in downtowns to see the parade. Here are some pictures I took

There are still a bunch of them, you can see them in my Flickr gallery here.


Aside from that, not much’s happening this week, school goes normally….except the assignments maybe, they gave us loads of assignments before winter break starts. I’m also thinking about making another photo session in winter break, I have the whole idea in my head but still need the model. I hope I can figure it out before the break.

Here are some life drawings from week 10 and 11.

All of the life drawing were 5 minutes.


I bought a new water color too, it’s a ‘mobile’ one, the one you can bring everywhere lol. It’s pretty cool, it’s been a while not using water color, so I tried to experiment more with it.

Enjoy your weekend! Cheers!