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School Cup, it was held last week for a full week. So many competition, bazaars, boys, girls, foods, and other stuffs. Out school gets so crowded everyday, it was fun as hell. The lesson didn’t go that well, some classes were off, and the student were happy. They’re going crazy, lol. Kay, this is so late update, I’m not being *cough*fully lazy *cough, cough* or what, I’m pretty busy and exhausted. I’m in the basketball team, so I was pretty much in the competition, almost everyday we had a game. :B so yeah..

Photos update! Here’s something for you to see so you can imagine how was the Cup last week.

Whee~! Yes, it’s the opening with balloon things, it’s the school tradition. Take a look at the rest :)

Contains of the final match of futsal and male basketball, and dance!

I’m going to have a Retreat  from my school tomorrow for 3 days, it’s some kind of religion thing, you go retreat to some place that’s not crowded and pray. I’m really looking forward to it, for photo hunting…. >_> lol, seriously, as long as I remember that place has so many plants around, should has many bugs too… mm.. let’s see for the next update!

Oh! And I’m sketching Johnny Depp at the moment, it should be a speed sketch, but I don’t think I could do this one as a speed sketch D: sooo freaking complicated man. Hah! I’ll put it up when I’m finished later. So, so, see you guys! Have a nice week~ :))