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I actually almost forgot that the school is done last week, I was telling my roommate about how I wanted to go to life drawing this week and they told me that it’s summer… So this week is going to be a relaxing one, catching up with online life (lol), watch some movies and hangout with the people I like to spend time with. I also took the time to put up some advertisements on Kijiji and my Facebook, so far I sold my violin quick and some art books. Need more money and have less possession, it’ll give me a little bit of peace later on when I have to move out. I also took down all my drawings from Inktober 2015 from my wall and scan and edit them so I could post them on Behance. I’m not gonna make a post about it since it’s old, but check them here! Click the image!

Screen Shot 2016-04-25 at 3.57.42 PM

I had the time too to edit some pictures I took from the last hike at Forks of The Credit. It is a pretty popular area for the car scene to cruise there. Since the weather was getting warmer, people took their nice cars out and just go for drive.