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I made it! I submitted portfolios for animation, illustration and photography and got into animation and illustration, waiting listed on photography. Most of my friends that I work my ass of with on portfolios got into the program too, animation and some illustration, which makes me even more happier! My work paid off at least! And finally I can post my portfolio cause I was waiting for the result first before I upload them, just.. my mental problem, no worries.

Oh and before, I got featured on some art blog last month, and I forgot to put it up, here.

Click the picture to go to the site.

Andddddd here we go, animation portfolio!

Life Drawings

Animation and Character Design.

Story Board


(I put these 2 above for illustration portfolio too)

Personal Artwork

(I put this one for illustration portfolio too)

So many of them I know, but most of them are the requirements. I worked on animation portfolio since the first term, I started on my character, I’ve been exploring 4 characters in total, even this final one has been changed at least 5 times already haha.. no regret though, I like this one the most. The second term I started on developing the rest of the portfolio all in one time, bits by bits. I know some people from the animation program, and they helped me a LOT, they gave me inputs, and critiques. This is actually the first time I got involved in a really really positive surroundings, everyone was helping each other, we literally worked our ass off together all day at school.

Followed with illustration portfolio that I started on the second term, I mostly put my old stuff together actually, from 2009 until 2012… haha, I don’t have any of the drawing test on my hard drive since I gave in all the original, I did the drawing test a couple of days before I submitted the portfolio. But here are the rest.

I’ll skip the last one since they’re work process. Whoaw, this must be the longest post I’ve ever made so far. I’m not gonna upload my photography since most of them are on my portfolio page.

I’m really proud and happy for my friends who got into the programs they applied, and for myself. I have too. And for those who didn’t got in, many people got in at their second, third even fourth time, so there are still time, no need to give up.

Big thanks to friends who support me all along and family especially for everything. I wouldn’t make it just by myself this far.

School will be ended in 3 more weeks! Still busy with last projects of each subjects and helping animation student for their animation, looking forward to the final result on the screening day. And I’m planning to go to Illustration’s graduation downtown next month. Gonna be dope I can see that for sure.

Until next time peeps! Sorry for the long post, might takes forever to load the images for some people.